Pet Sematary: Should You Read It?

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Is Pet Sematary worth the read? An up-coming film will no doubt be seeing the resurgence of sales of this classic novel, first published in 1983.

The film seems Louis Creed and his family move to a new home, right on a busy road. In the trailer, it’s implied their cat, Church, is hit by one of the many trucks that go by their home. Louis buries the cat in the Pet Sematary, but not the one that’s on the surface – the cemetery that’s behind the innocent. One that possesses powers.

In the film trailer, it looks as though Louis’s daughter, Ellie, is the victim. I’m not sure if the book is set to deviate and make that theme of the novel a lot more pronounced, but reading the book, it certainly seems that way.

King naturally has a talent for writing horror, and like many of his other novels, Pet Sematary isn’t lacking the supernatural element.

The writing is great. The plot is good, although I was left feeling somewhat disappointed by the family death, and the repercussions of taking advantage of the ancient burial ground.

I get the impression from the film trailers that Pet Sematary will be different from the novel. I think we’ll be focusing a lot more on what happens when the dead don’t stay dead.

I’d say the book, however, is worth the read. You’ll understand the story and the meaning a lot better.

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