Valentines, Saint Valentine

J.S. Strange, lifestyle

Well, it’s that time of year again. The day of love.

And it’s always the build up the Valentines Day that brings out the comments of being anti-love. Those comments outweigh the positive.

I can understand those who are single not being a fan of Valentines, but isn’t it just another day?

But to me it isn’t. Valentines to me is my birthday! So every year, I always get cards and presents, and I’m left not resenting Valentines, but instead looking forward to it.

For my birthday this year, I went to Cardiff, to an event called Thank U Next. It was an Ariana Grande night. It was great fun! But I plan to write more on that later.

For now, if you’re single, in a relationship, or something else(?!) then treat it as any other day! Show the person you love true affection. Show your cat attention. Love your life. Celebrate being kind and happy.

It may be another day, but it’s a day of love.

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